Easy Family Friendly River Walk From Bergerac Harbour

Easy Family Friendly River Walk From Bergerac Harbour

Yesterday, we went to the port in Bergerac and tested the river walk Pierre Loti, part of the Green Lane (from the harbour to the dam: 5 km return).

Perfect for the whole family, whether you prefer to walk or cycle, this walk is ideal and buggy friendly!

More Dordogne river walks outside Bergerac and the Green Lane (articles here, here, here, here and here).

Bergerac Harbour from the Pierre Loti Walk (Green Lane)

After the Pierre Loti Walk, sit down for a picnic and cool down by the dam!
My article about our 9 favorite picnic spots around Bergerac here

The Dam, 2,5km from Bergerac port

Our holiday rental, L’Ancienne Ecole, in the heart of the fortified village of Beaumont du Perigord is located 30 mins from Bergerac.

Is It The End Of The Beynac Bypass Project For Good?

Is It The End Of The Beynac Bypass Project For Good?

It looks like it is !

After many years in the pipeline, this 32 million of euros project got the green light in early 2018 and work started shortly after.

But in december 2018, the State Council put it on hold ruling in favor of the wildlife and heritage organizations. More infos: read my article: here).

Yesterday 09/04/19, the Administrative Court of Bordeaux cancelled the authorisation to build the bypass. So from “suspended” the project got “cancelled” and demolition order was given (total cost: 15 million).

Despite losing, the Chairman of the Departmental Council of Dordogne, Germinal Peiro, does not seem to be defeated by this decision. He confirmed that he is going to appeal!

The medieval village of Beynac
Court ordered the demolition

Will There Be A Deal For You At Beaumont Easter Brocante?

Will There Be A Deal For You At Beaumont Easter Brocante?

Our village is getting ready for monday Easter Brocante (22sd of April from 8am to 6pm).

Art deco frames and painting, vintage glassware, local crockery, old mirrors & clocks, jars and pottery, cutlery, candle holders, jewelry, vintage chairs, old dolls and vintage toys… you name it: this flea market is always a fun time for bargain hunters, tourists or just passersby!

So, don’t miss it!

More infos:
Location: on the square and the surrounding streets (from 8am to 6pm).

Sneak Peek: Modernisation of the Tracks Between Bergerac and Libourne

Sneak Peek: Modernisation of the Tracks Between Bergerac and Libourne

Ever wondered what this big yellow train doing on the tracks near Bergerac?

As you might know, (my articles here and here), the SNCF has decided to improve and modernise the railway infrastructure between Bergerac and Libourne which is used by 900 000 passengers per year.

So, since the 2sd of january and for 9 months, work has been carried out on the 62 km of railway.

At the moment, you can spot one of the three SNCF “Train Usine” also called “Suite Rapide” or “Train de Substitution” which is a track renewal train.

This giant of 750m requires 70 workers to operate the whole train to renovate every day between 1000 and 1400m of tracks. Old ones are been removed and new ones put in their places.

Once it’s done, the Ballast Train will come along to suck up and remove the old ballast (stones used to form the bed of a railway track), sorted it out : the good stones will reused again on the very same tracks, the bad stones will be sent off to be processed and used later on. To complete, new ballast will be injected on the tracks.

Additional Information can be found at Bergerac.fr (updated on the 08/04/19 with which railroad crossing is closed)

End of the renovation: 29th of september 2019

New Bridoire Easter Egg Hunt

New Bridoire Easter Egg Hunt

It’s impossible to talk about Easter without mentioning the great Egg Hunt in Bridoire! my articles here and here .

Bridoire ie the Castle of Games

Traditionally, this treasure hunt takes place in the castle or right outside, in the park.

This year, Bridoire has decided to open 2 sites for its epic treasure hunt: the castle and its 3km maze, The Mysterious Valley!

So, bookmark your Easter week end (20, 21 and 22sd of april 2019) for these Eggtastic Egg Hunts!

More infos (entrance fees….)

Book Online Your Tickets

Bridoire castle is 30 mins drive from our holiday home in the historic village of Beaumont du Perigord

The Return of Our Sensational Summer Special Offer

The Return of Our Sensational Summer Special Offer

BOOK NOW your summer stay at l’Ancienne Ecole, 20mins from Bergerac airport and enjoy holidaying in the Dordogne Valley, right in the middle of a historic village, Beaumont du Perigord !

My article about why our village, Beaumont du Perigord, is an excellent base for your holiday in Dordogne : http://mydordogneselfcatering.com/3-reasons-to-holiday-in-beaumont-du-perigord/

To book, simply contact us, via our chatline on our website ( lower right corner of your screen ) http://mydordogneselfcatering.com/
or via email: info@mydordogneselfcatering.com

Best Fun Way To Learn History With Kids: LascauxIV

Best Fun Way To Learn History With Kids: LascauxIV

Fancy learning about prehistoric art?

Come along with us and discover Lascaux IV, the International Centre for Cave Art in Montignac (1h20 drive from our holiday home in Beaumont du Perigord).

Lascaux caves, the original, were “found” by four Périgourdin young boys from Montignac in 1940. World Famous for its palaeolithic cave paintings, the site, victim of its success, was closed to the public in 1963 to ensure the art’s survival (humidity, germs, etc. brought in by visitors led to fungal infection threatened to destroy the art).

In 1983, near the original entrance, was built a facsimile with an exact copy of the 2 main halls of Lascaux : Lascaux II was born.

More recently, in decembre 2016, a bigger and better replica was open to the public.

It’s the complete replica of the original cave with its 2000 wall paintings left by Cro-Magnon men more than 18 000 years ago (you can see the hole used by Marcel Ravidat to enter the cave).

But more than a copy, Lascaux IV is a brilliant concept which not only faithfully reproduces the original cave paintings, but also offers extensive information about those primitive men, how they painted, hunted, and lived thanks to the use of interactive and digital screens. 

Lascaux IV

Lascaux was
“ found” by four Périgourdin young boys from Montignac in 1940

After the guided tour of the replica, wander around the “Lascaux Studio” and admire the reproduction of 8 main walls of the cave and learn more about cave art!

One of the eight main walls of Lascaux on show in the Studio

Create your own cave painting using the same tools and techniques used by our ancestors.

Fun with kids: Amelia, our daughter using one of the touch screens

Opening hours, entrance fees & practical details: https://www.lascaux.fr/en
To Book in advance your ticket (advised): https://goo.gl/WkEcjE
Guided tour available in your own language
Each visitor gets an interactive digital tablet combined with a camera (you can take up to 20 photos and send them for free to any email address of your choice).

My previous article about Lascaux: https://goo.gl/G6reJz

Looking for more Dordogne vacation ideas? Lots of things to see and do!
Read our local guide full packed with in the know tips !

And if you’re looking for the perfect base, to explore the Dordogne from, L’Ancienne Ecole, our holiday home in the heart of the historic village of Beaumont du Perigord is perfect!

For more infos, visit our website: L’Ancienne Ecole

New Revolutionary Public Pool Run on Renewable Energies: Aqualudic Park in Bergerac

New Revolutionary Public Pool Run on Renewable Energies: Aqualudic Park in Bergerac

The “Parc Aqualudique” project was born due to the fact that the current Piquecailloux Public Pool in Bergerac, opened since 1972, is starting to show signs of ageing and becomes increasingly expensive to run.

My article about the “Parc Aqualudique” in Bergerac:

More infos: https://goo.gl/JvUdyf and https://goo.gl/9KgRcs

Much bigger and capable to accomodate the needs of local residents, this new family friendly aquatic complex will be more cost effective to run thanks to the use of geothermal energy, solar panels and rainwater harvesting.

Feb 2019: Digging up the ground for the pools

March 2019: drilling the first well (172 m deep) for the geothermal power.

Aqualudic Park should open its doors on the first trimester of 2020.

Focus On The Bergerac Green Lane: Walking & Cycling Along the Dordogne River

Focus On The Bergerac Green Lane: Walking & Cycling Along the Dordogne River

Green Lane ? what is it?

The Green Lane also called the V91 is more than 30 kms of path along the river Dordogne for an easy walk or a long bike trail, from Mouleydier to Gardonne via Bergerac harbour.

Worked started in 2017 and is due to be finished in 2021.

My article about the Green Lane:

Some portions are already opened.
For more details, read my article about the different walks we did :https://goo.gl/46tnmY

CAB website : https://goo.gl/QHFAyx
CAB FB page :https://goo.gl/3GPymQ

In Bergerac, around the harbour, the Green Lane has led to some traffic disruptions – closure of the Salvette Quay till next friday (28 /03/19).

Bergerac City Hall advised drivers instead to use the ring roads.

A temporary one-way system will be then implemented till the completion of the work (01/06/19) from Bellegarde to the new bridge.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the work in progress (Thanks to @natrphoto) !

Can’t wait to see the final result in June!


Bargain Alert: 1€ Cakes To Die For!

Bargain Alert: 1€ Cakes To Die For!

Don’t you love a good deal? 

A cake that costs only 1€! Is it possible?

Well, yes! Thanks to the bakery “Aux Péchés de Cyrano” (Cyrano’s Sins) in Bergerac, our latest discovery!

This special deal called “Rendez-vous Gourmand du Mois ” is on, every first week end of each month. Half a portion of individual cakes are then sold at the astonishing price of 1€ !

and wait for it…. it is for their full range of cakes… so whatever your taste buds desire, you’re bound to find your favorite treat in there! (check out below the array of choice)!

These mini bites are simply brillant. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a week end feast without breaking the bank!

So, guess where I m heading to, on sat 6 & sund 7th of april??? (1st week end next month)

73 Av. Charles de Gaulle – (Route de Bordeaux) 24100 Bergerac
Opening Hours: (closed on tues) open from mon to sat (7am to 7.15)- Sunday (from 7am to 1pm)

(*) don’t mind Google Maps translation for this bakery (should have been Cyrano’s Sins and not “From Fisheries to Cyrano”)