Focus On The Bergerac Green Lane: Walking & Cycling Along the Dordogne River

Focus On The Bergerac Green Lane: Walking & Cycling Along the Dordogne River

Green Lane ? what is it?

The Green Lane also called the V91 is more than 30 kms of path along the river Dordogne for an easy walk or a long bike trail, from Mouleydier to Gardonne via Bergerac harbour.

Worked started in 2017 and is due to be finished in 2021.

My article about the Green Lane:

Some portions are already opened.
For more details, read my article about the different walks we did :

CAB website :
CAB FB page :

In Bergerac, around the harbour, the Green Lane has led to some traffic disruptions – closure of the Salvette Quay till next friday (28 /03/19).

Bergerac City Hall advised drivers instead to use the ring roads.

A temporary one-way system will be then implemented till the completion of the work (01/06/19) from Bellegarde to the new bridge.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the work in progress (Thanks to @natrphoto) !

Can’t wait to see the final result in June!

Bargain Alert: 1€ Cakes To Die For!

Bargain Alert: 1€ Cakes To Die For!

Don’t you love a good deal? 

A cake that costs only 1€! Is it possible?

Well, yes! Thanks to the bakery “Aux Péchés de Cyrano” (Cyrano’s Sins) in Bergerac, our latest discovery!

This special deal called “Rendez-vous Gourmand du Mois ” is on, every first week end of each month. Half a portion of individual cakes are then sold at the astonishing price of 1€ !

and wait for it…. it is for their full range of cakes… so whatever your taste buds desire, you’re bound to find your favorite treat in there! (check out below the array of choice)!

These mini bites are simply brillant. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a week end feast without breaking the bank!

So, guess where I m heading to, on sat 6 & sund 7th of april??? (1st week end next month)

73 Av. Charles de Gaulle – (Route de Bordeaux) 24100 Bergerac
Opening Hours: (closed on tues) open from mon to sat (7am to 7.15)- Sunday (from 7am to 1pm)

(*) don’t mind Google Maps translation for this bakery (should have been Cyrano’s Sins and not “From Fisheries to Cyrano”)

Announcing Our Sensational Summer Sale

Announcing Our Sensational Summer Sale

BOOK NOW your summer stay at l’Ancienne Ecole, 20mins from Bergerac airport and enjoy holidaying in the Dordogne Valley, right in the middle of a historic village, Beaumont du Perigord !

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our guests say:

Our Top 10 Things To Do and See:

Reasons to holiday in our village,Beaumont du Perigord :

Reasons to holiday in Dordogne (SW of France):

How to get to our vacation rental:

Visit before you book (Virtual Tour) :

To book, simply contact us, via our chatline on our website ( lower right corner of your screen )
or via email:

Discover New Trendy, Unique and Sustainable Shop In Beaumont

Discover New Trendy, Unique and Sustainable Shop In Beaumont

Ma Super Petite Boutique, is our new village shop in Beaumont du Perigord (only 5 mins walk from our rental, l’Ancienne Ecole).

Behind this small retail business “Ma Super Petite Boutique”, meet two women with a will power: Ariane Goumand and Sandrine Hutin  !

After the closure of the convenience shop, Casino, and the move of the pharmacy outside the village, Ma Super Petite Boutique was born to bring essentials, local products and crafts to the village 7 days of the week.

In partnership with local producers (50kms around Beaumont), the shop is a local business with a twist. It stocks and sells fresh, local, seasonal products in bulk or not, organic or not, well known or not (fruit, veggies, cheese, beers, .. kombucha, shiitakee mushrooms, macaron stuffed with foie gras, ….) but also local crafts (soaps, jewelry, pottery, home decor & accessories .. ).

And for those who are stuck for basics on a sunday morning, trust Ma Super Petite Boutique to save the day !

More than a corner shop, Ma Super Petite Boutique, wants to grow up and become a buzzing hub where people can meet up and talk around a hot drink.

Last december, the shop celebrated its first anniversary and we, at l’Ancienne Ecole, wish its two owners successful and properous year ahead!

My favorite corner in the shop has to be the one dedicated to local talented artists!
I keep drooling on Graines D’Art: delicate colourful jewelry creations made by Claire from Costa Rica seeds!

Address: 19 rue Romieu, 24440 Beaumont du Perigord
Opening hours (open 7/7)
mon.: 08:15 – 12:30 -15:30 – 19:00

tues to sat :09:30 – 12:30, 15:30 – 19:00
sund.:09:30 – 12:30

Bargain Hunt in Beaumont: Easter Monday Flea Market

Bargain Hunt in Beaumont: Easter Monday Flea Market

Rooting and rummaging around a French brocante (car boot sale) is one of the best ways to spend Easter…. and you never know what treasure you can find and bring home!

Our village, Beaumont du Perigord, is getting ready for its Easter Brocante monday, 22sd of april 2019 from 6am to 6pm (200 stalls) at the main square and adjacents streets.

Art deco frames and painting, vintage glassware, local crockery, old mirrors & clocks, jars and pottery, cutlery, candle holders, jewelry, vintage chairs, old dolls and vintage toys… you name it: this flea market is always a fun time for bargain hunters, tourists or just passersby!

Come and join the fun!

4 Reasons To Holiday In Dordogne

4 Reasons To Holiday In Dordogne

Fancy going on holiday but don’t know where to go? Here’s why you should consider the Dordogne Valley as your next destination!

1- Food Lovers Paradise:

Food is everywhere in The Dordogne: from foie gras, magret (duck), black truffle, cèpes (mushrooms), sermentine (bread), walnuts, trappe d’échourgnac (cheese), strawberries… The list goes on and on… So be sure to put in your suitcase some elastic waist pants !

Dordogne Strawberries L'Ancienne Ecole our self catering holiday accomodation near Bergerac in Dordogne SW of France

Visit any french market and experience the variety and wealth of products … or better visit a night market to sample local food freshly cooked in front you and dance all night long!

Beaumont Night Market: excellent food & entertainment
Sample fresh local food cooked in front of you in Beaumont!

And if you’re looking for a good restaurant, we recomment “La Table de Leo” in St Avit Senieur!

2- Quality and Cost Effective Wines

And how can we talk about food without mentioning wine?  

Lonely Planet’s says, “Since [it’s] not as famous as Bordeaux and St-Émilion, the area around Bergerac is an essential, and affordable, stop for wine buffs.”

Need some help to learn about local wines and sample them?
No problem!
We can organise wine tours by taxi with local vineyards.

3- Plenty To Do and See

The Dordogne also called the Land of the 1000 Castles has plenty to do and see.
Here’s our Top 10 things To Do in the area:

4- Location, location, location

Easily accessible by plane, train or by car, the Dordogne is a great destination.
British Airways and low cost airlines like Ryanair, Jet2, Flybe… land everyday into Bergerac airport.
More details about Bergerac airport:

And if you’re looking to stay in a village and discover the area, we recommend Beaumont du Périgord, 20mins drive from Bergerac. Here’s why:

Top 3 Easy Hill Walks in the Dordogne

Top 3 Easy Hill Walks in the Dordogne

The Dordogne is not a mountain region, it is mostly hills and valleys.

Here’s our 3 favorite easy walks to boost your heart rate!

Tips and benefits on hill climbing:

1-Montferrand en Périgord

Between Beaumont du Perigord and Belvès, the medieval village de Montferrand du Perigord is famous for its 16th century covered market hall, St Christophe church and it’s 11th c castle.

10km from our rental in Beaumont du Perigord

Trail: Boucle de St Christophe (trail goes around the village)
Type: wood
Distance: 2,8km
Ascent: 163m
Walking Time: 0h46
Walk done on the 26/2/19
Yellow marker
More details:

2- Colombier

My personal favorite!
The quiet village of Colombier is situated high in the hills and provides splendid views over the Bergerac vineyards.

23km from our rental in Beaumont du Perigord

Distance: 5,7km
Ascent: 174m
Walking time: 1h30
Type: Vineyard
Walk done on the 27/2/19
Yellow marker
More details:

3- Saint Aubin de Nabirat

58km from our rental in Beaumont du Perigord

Trail: Bois de la Croix
Distance: 4,5km
Ascent: 154m
Walking time: 1h20
Walk done on the 22/2/19
Type: Wood
Yellow marker
More details:

5 Easy Kid Friendly Woodland Walks To Try Near Bergerac

5 Easy Kid Friendly Woodland Walks To Try Near Bergerac

Here’s our Top 5 forest walks suitable for the whole family!

For these walks, we use the free app (randogps)
More infos and how to download the free app on your android phone:

1- Sainte Foy Des Vignes

5km from Bergerac
Trail: 5,8 km
More details:

2-Bosset and the Forest of the Double

15km from Bergerac
Trail: 4,7km
More details:

3- Cause de Clérans

16km from Bergerac
Trail: 4,4km
More details:

4- Saint Gery

22km from Bergerac
Trail: 3,5km
More details:

5- Beaupouyet Forest

27km from Bergerac
Trail: 4,4km
More details:

Free Woodland Activities For Kids Near Bergerac

Free Woodland Activities For Kids Near Bergerac

The Beaupouyet forest (35mins from Bergerac) is a great place where you can bring your children, have a picnic and spend an afternoon of fun with lots of outdoor activities to do!

You can choose to go for an 1 hour walk with the whole family.

It’s a very easy walk of 4,4 km with a starting point from the carpark. We use, once again, the very reliable and free app randogps (


You can have a go at the numerous educational forest games: maze where you need to find 8 terrifying monsters from the greek mythology, arboretum , hides to spy on the wildlife …
This is fun and holds an excellent learning experience without boring children!

or you can do both!

Photo taken: 13/02/19

For more family friendly walks:

For more secret picnic spots near Bergerac:

Have a great sunday!

Isabelle, private vacation owner of

3 Reasons To Holiday In Beaumont du Périgord

3 Reasons To Holiday In Beaumont du Périgord

The historic village of Beaumont du Périgord is located in the Dordogne Valley, SW of France, 20mins from Bergerac airport, 1h from Sarlat and 1h10 from Périgueux.

Founded in 1272, the village has undergone significant transformation through the centuries but has preserved a myriad of outstanding heritage treasures that will take you back in time to the Middle Ages.

Beaumont du Perigord : historic village
in the Dordogne Valley, SW of France

Here’s 3 reasons why you should consider Beaumont du Perigord as your next holiday destination:

1- Perfect base to discover the Dordogne Valley

Ideal base to visit the main towns of the Dordogne Valley: Bergerac, Perigueux and Sarlat

2- Tiny but mighty:

Do you fancy mingling with the locals?

Markets are the highlights of our village: brocante, concerts and night markets…. True local travel experience guaranteed !


Do you you prefer some family friendly sport activities?

More details about the outoor activities you can do in the village:

Or both….

3- Everything you need:

Our village has plenty to offer, take a look at some of the amenities and services:

The main square, the beating heart of our village
with the fortified church, built at the end of the 13th century in English Gothic-style

And if you’re looking for a central and secluded place to enjoy the village, our vacation rental, l’Ancienne Ecole is looking forward to hearing from you!

L’Ancienne Ecole, our vacation rental is right in the heart of Beaumont, 2 mins from the square and all amenities