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Sneak Peek: Modernisation of the Tracks Between Bergerac and Libourne

Ever wondered what this big yellow train doing on the tracks near Bergerac?

As you might know, (my articles here and here), the SNCF has decided to improve and modernise the railway infrastructure between Bergerac and Libourne which is used by 900 000 passengers per year.

So, since the 2sd of january and for 9 months, work has been carried out on the 62 km of railway.

At the moment, you can spot one of the three SNCF “Train Usine” also called “Suite Rapide” or “Train de Substitution” which is a track renewal train.

This giant of 750m requires 70 workers to operate the whole train to renovate every day between 1000 and 1400m of tracks. Old ones are been removed and new ones put in their places.

Once it’s done, the Ballast Train will come along to suck up and remove the old ballast (stones used to form the bed of a railway track), sorted it out : the good stones will reused again on the very same tracks, the bad stones will be sent off to be processed and used later on. To complete, new ballast will be injected on the tracks.

Additional Information can be found at (updated on the 08/04/19 with which railroad crossing is closed)

End of the renovation: 29th of september 2019

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