Insider’s Guide To Family Friendly Walk Around Bergerac

List of our favorite family friendly waks around Bergerac (not an exhaustive list)

I/LEMBRAS : The Caudeau Walk (“Promenade du Caudeau”)
2,8 km along the river Le Caudeau.
Location: Lembras Carpark “Des Dayets” (free parking) – Entrance: just opposite the Church of Lembras (green sign post “Promenade du Caudeau”)

II/ POMBONNE PARK (55 Ha park in Bergerac)
3,3km, wheelchair and buggy friendly.
Location: Route de Podestat, 24100 Bergerac
More details:

III/THE GREEN LANE also called The V91 Green Lane
From Mouleydier to Gardonne via Bergerac harbour
– more than 30km of path along the river Dordogne for an easy walk or a long bike trail
– due to be finished in 2021 (more details:

1- Bergerac- Creysse:
Fancy going for an easy walk ie 2km of flat tarmac away from the noise of the traffic and buggy friendly ??? No problem!!!!
Just park your car in the ZAE Portes de la Dordogne (Next to “Piscine Desjoyaux”). There is no signpost for this footpath, just go left towards Creysse.


2- Creysse-Mouleydier:
The footpath is flat with tarmac all the way to the back of the soccer pitch and turns into a nature walk towards Mouleydier.
Away from the noisy traffic, it’s only you and the river Dordogne. Perfect for all ages, try it, you won’t regret it!

3- Mouleydier-Tuillières:
Fancy going for a family friendly walk from Mouleydier to Tuillières with an exquisite view of the Dordogne River?
Just park your car in Mouleydier (Avenue des Martyrs de la Resistance) and head down to the river. There is no signpost for this footpath, just turn left towards the next village,Tuilières.
It’s a tarmarced and traffic-free route for pedestrians and bicycles only, (with an exception of 100m dirt track near Tuillières)

RandoGPS is a french hiking phone app with lots of walks.
Free, handy and easy to use, it’s a little gem!
Tutorial (french):

We tried a few trails around Bergerac!

1- Bosset (woods)
The forest of the Double near the village of Bosset is 15km from Bergerac and offers the perfect trail for the whole family!
4,7km with a departure at the village hall carpark
Well marked path.

2- Port Sainte Foy (vineyard)
“Le Chemin de la Peyrute” is 5,2 km walk with a starting point outside the museum of the Batellerie in Port Sainte Foy along the river and up the hills in the vineyards.
Well marked path with a great point of view from the Windmill of the Ferraille!

3-Monbazillac (vineyard)
Trail: “Boucle de Monbazillac” is 5,7 km walk with a starting point in the public carpark behind the Monbazillac Castle.
Very well marked path.
The path goes through the Monbazillac vineyards and around the castle with a brillant view of Bergerac at your feet.

4- Saussignac (countryside, vineyard)
6,57 km walk with a starting point in the public carpark in the main street of the village of Saussignac.
After doing Monbazillac, we could not skip this place, famous for its sweet white dessert wines, similar to Monbazillac but a little drier.

5- Sainte Foy Des Vignes (wood)
Sainte Foy Des Vignes is a hamlet part of The Bergerac wine-growing region.
Trail is 5,8 km walk with a starting point from the public carpark next to the cemetery of Sainte Foy Des Vignes.

Ste Foy Des Vignes

6- Razac d’Eymet (countryside, wood, vineyard)
Walk is 6,9 km walk with a starting point from the tiny square (Place du Chateau) behind the church of Razac d’Eymet.
What I loved about this walk: discovered a hazelnut plantation. Woods, vineyard, countryside, this walk has it all!

7- Singleyrac (countryside, wood, vineyard)
Trail called “Boucle de l’Ayguessou” is 7,2 km walk with a starting point from the square in Singleyrac.

8-Nastringues (countryside, wood, vineyard)
Nastringues is another small village part of the Bergerac wine-growing region. It produces the “Haut-Montravel” wine (sweet white wine).
Trail called “Boucle de Nastringues” is 7,2 km walk with a starting point from the carpark next to the roman church.

Around Nastringues

9-Mescoules (countryside, wood, vineyard)
Trail called “Boucle De Grand Champ ” is 4,4 km with a starting point at the church carpark.
What I loved about this walk:
Very easy walk for the whole family: open spaces with woods, vineyards, farm lands. Bonus: we spotted 7 deers running accross the fields!

January walk around Mescoules

10- Cause de Clérans (wood)
Trail called “Trou de l’Ane ” is 4,4 km with a starting point at the village carpark (more details:

11- Beaupouyet Forest (walk, games and picnic)
Trail is 4,4 km with a starting point from the carpark east of Beaupouyet (more details:

From the restaurant Le Bistrot du Presbytère ( carpark starts 2 footpaths:
“La Boucle des Hameaux” (8km: 2h) and “Le Chemin des Orchidées” (9km: 2h15) Practical infos:
More infos:
Difficulty: Easy (Marked walking tracks:Yellow)

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