How Best To Pass The Time While You’re Here?

Planning your own trip could be daunting sometimes especially abroad. And you wonder how to pass the time while you’re staying at l’Ancienne Ecole: : what to do, what to see…..?

Of course, you can enjoy the prime location of our manor house and spend your time between the village and the house. But if you’re looking to discover the Dordogne area, here’s a suggested day by day programme to get you started.

Most of our visitors arrive and depart on saturdays but if this is not the case, just adapt the days according to your own holiday period.

And if you need more inspiration, you’re welcome to visit our online magazine where you’ll find different articles about Family Outings, Dordogne Food & Drink, What’s On Near Bergerac and Beaumont du Perigord: Our online magazine

Have a fantastic holiday!



Below, map of the surrounding area with our favorite places and attractions (click on the symbol next to the tittle “Dordogne: What To Do, What To See” to open the legend tab).


Day 1, Your Arrival.
Congratulations! Your holidays start now!

Please click on the images for a better view

Day 2, Sunday
Breakfast in the dining room, Issigeac Market, BBQ, pool and siesta!
Day 3, Monday
Canoeing, picnic, swimming in the Dordogne river, night market, poney rides for our youngest guests
Day 4, Tuesday
Gourmet Tours, cycling along the canal (Bike Rental available)
Day 5, Wednesday
Sarlat and the Japonese Water Garden near Sarlat
Day 6, Thursday
Perigueux, Brantome and the Velorail
Day 7, Friday
Bergerac with a cruise on the river, Monbazillac, Bridoire the Castle of Games and its maze.