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TOURS BY TAXI with english speaking guide on site

Info about your Taxi: private car (up to 4 passengers) or minibus (up to 8 passengers).
Riders pay directly the driver.

Tours are NOT included in the cost of accommodation.
Please contact us in advance for a quote and to arrange these service. And if you need anything else, feel free to ask.

Enjoy a unique experience by taking our Gourmet Tours: a fun and good way to sample the foodie culture of the Dordogne valley.
Local vineyards, brewery, Truffle, and Goat farms are looking forward to hearing from you.

Gourmet Tours Ancienne Ecole our self catering holiday accomodation near Bergerac in Dordogne SW of France

Bergerac AOC :

The Domaine du Siorac, run by the Landat family wine maker since 1818, invites you for a wine tasting followed by a french food & wine picnic.
The tour starts in the vineyard and ends up like a lot of things here in Dordogne, around a glass of wine. Everything you’ve been dreaming to know will be revealed during this tour! So, don’t hesitate and sign up!

Tour: Tues morning at 10.30am or Thrus afternoon at 14.30 (Tour duration without picnic: 2 hours)
Taxi (approx 30mins drive): between 110 and 127€
Wine tasting: 4€/adult and free for under 16yo
Picnic (all local and farmed products) : 10€/adult and 8€/child

Typical picnic basket:
– bread, “rillette”(preparation of meat similar to pâté), cherry tomatoes, 2 type of cheeses (goat and cow), some canelé (small French pastry), coffee and 1 bottle of wine (type of your preference).

OPTION: Horse riding walk in the vineyard+wine tasting+vineyard picnic (organised in partnership with the farm next door to the vineyard)

Saussignac AOC: (wine+food+flower &wildlife): Featured on Channel 4 tv program “A New Life in the Sun” (Chateau Lestevenie with Humphrey and Sue)

Sit down and enjoy the view!!! This place is like heaven! The vineyard is at your feet. As part of the wine tour, you will spend time looking at the wild orchids, other flowers, and butterflies. Your hosts will identify what you are seeing and explain the ecology of the vineyard and any especially interesting features, like the lifecycle of the blue butterfly.

At the end of this wine tour, you have the option to have a meal (depending on the size of the group: picnic or local restaurant).

Tour: Any day except Sat from 11.30am (duration: 1 hour)
Taxi (approx 45 mins drive): around 110 €
Wine tasting: free if you buy a case of wine.

Beer Gourmet Tours Ancienne Ecole our self catering holiday accomodation near Bergerac in Dordogne SW of France

Produced locally on a small-scale, this beer “made in Périgord” is a true gem! Learn about this incredible beverage and sample amber, blonde, and brune beers to see which one tickles your taste buds. Sláinte!

Truffle Gourmet Tours Ancienne Ecole our self catering holiday accomodation near Bergerac in Dordogne SW of France
TRUFFLES, the “Perigord Black Diamond”:

A walk through the Truffle Orchard, where you’ll learn the secrets and mysteries of the world famous Perigord Truffle, also known as “the Perigord Black Diamond.”

Under the knowledgeable supervision of your charismatic host and with the help of his friendly border collie, you’ll experience something unique: finding truffles before your very eyes.  A magical moment for the public and “wow” effect guaranteed.
Orchard visit lasts 2 hours.
Also available: half day tour with meal “all things truffle” included – Truffle products (airplane friendly) can be purchased in the boutique. Payment by card accepted.

Goat Cheese Gourmet Tours Ancienne Ecole our self catering holiday accomodation near Bergerac in Dordogne SW of France

This tour is a chance to learn where the cheese is from, how is it made, and to meet these lovely friendly animals.
Visit this goat farm, where your hostess will share the cheese making process and the difference between Goat cheese and the famous “Cabécou du Périgord”, this little round cheese so creamy and so popular here in Dordogne
Goat cheese (with Bitter cherries, goat cheese “cendrés”…), Cabécou, and fresh goat milk available for sale when visiting the farm.

ORGANIC SAFFRON, the “Red Gold of the Black Perigord”: (saffron, fruit & veg, aromatic plants, homemade pastries and treats)

The Dordogne is well-known by the foodies as one of THE best regions of France for truffles, cepes, foie gras, wine… but did you know we forget most of the time to list another luxurious ingredient? Saffron…. also called the “Red Gold of the Black Périgord.”
Since the Middle Ages, this spice was cultivated here in the Dordogne valley and despite falling in popularity, it made a victorious comeback a decade ago.
From the delicate flower, the “Crocus sativus” with its awesome purple blue petals, on a good year, you’ll get around 2kgs of saffron, this intensively red stigma or “threads” (the stigma being the female part that receives the pollen).

In this tour, you’ll learn everything about this plant and its awesome properties. It alleviates or prevents health problems, like gastric disorders, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, depression, premenstrual syndrome, insomnia, and anxiety. Saffron also shows promise in the prevention and maintenance of cancer due to its antioxidant properties.

Enclosed by the peaceful Perigordine countryside, nestled in a tastefully renovated farmhouse, Patricia and her husband invite you to share their love for saffron. While enjoying a freshly made cup of Saffron tea with some delightful homemade pastries, Patricia talks with passion about her family-run business, linked with this versatile spice. The tour finishes with a visit to the splendid organic garden, where some super fruits, like raspberries, strawberries, blackberry, blackcurrants…and some vegetables (tomatoes, haricots, courgettes, aubergines…), and medicinal & aromatic plants thrive.
You can buy your organic fruit and veggies freshly picked there, treat yourself to some top quality homemade & homegrown products (candied walnuts, walnut cake, biscuits, tuiles…) and purchase condiments like walnut oil, apple cider…. Good value and Top quality combined guaranteed!
Free entrance. Tour on Wednesday only. Duration: 1h to 1h30. Departure from L’Ancienne Ecole at 10am. Tour bookable 24h in advance. Payment by cash only.


Concierge Ancienne Ecole our self catering holiday accomodation near Bergerac in Dordogne SW of France

CONCIERGE SERVICE (Please note that service fees may apply)  

PRIVATE AIRPORTS TRANSFERS from/to Bergerac, Bordeaux and Brive with shopping stop possible

PICK AND PAY: Groceries in your home when you arrive.




DAILY MAID SERVICE/MID STAY CLEAN (please consult us for rates)


ART CLASSES (with Jacqui Clarke Experienced and Talented Artist)
For more infos about her “Plein Air” Wednesday Workshops and  her One To One Art classes at l’Ancienne Ecole, please read the details here

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