Death by chocolate!!!!

For those who know me, my number one weakness is whithout any doubt "chocolate". You can take anything from my diet, but please don't ever ask me to give up on my daily square of 80% cacao!

So, if you're like me, hooked on cacao, join me this weekend in Lalinde for the 5th Editon of the Chocolate Fair where chocolate makers tempt the public with some tasty chocolate treats…So whether you like it hot, cold with tea or liquor…, I am pretty sure, there will be something for every tastebud!

Now that you know my secret, your turn! What's your weakness?

Pratical info:
Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of march 2016
Opening hours: 10:00h – 13:00h et 14:00h – 18:00
Event organised by Kamala Linda (Phone: +33 5 53 73 62 69)
Location: Salle Jacques Brel in Lalinde (15mins drive from our rental, L'Ancienne Ecole in Beaumont du Périgord)
Free entrance

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