Focus On The Green Lane Between Bergerac and Prigonrieux: Chemin de la Batellerie

Focus On The Green Lane Between Bergerac and Prigonrieux: Chemin de la Batellerie

Last week (Tues 9th of april 2019), we decided to check on the Green Lane progress between Prigonrieux and Bergerac ie Le Chemin de la Batellerie (walk connected to the Pierre Loti footpath from the Bergerac port: my article here).

Work is still in progress with some parts already done (tarmac) and some not.


One thing is for sure, it’s a brilliant and relaxing walk to do with an awesome view of the river Dordogne and french countryside with wild flowers!

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Easy Family Friendly River Walk From Bergerac Harbour

Easy Family Friendly River Walk From Bergerac Harbour

Yesterday, we went to the port in Bergerac and tested the river walk Pierre Loti, part of the Green Lane (from the harbour to the dam: 5 km return).

Perfect for the whole family, whether you prefer to walk or cycle, this walk is ideal and buggy friendly!

More Dordogne river walks outside Bergerac and the Green Lane (articles here, here, here, here and here).

Bergerac Harbour from the Pierre Loti Walk (Green Lane)

After the Pierre Loti Walk, sit down for a picnic and cool down by the dam!
My article about our 9 favorite picnic spots around Bergerac here

The Dam, 2,5km from Bergerac port

Our holiday rental, L’Ancienne Ecole, in the heart of the fortified village of Beaumont du Perigord is located 30 mins from Bergerac.

Focus On The Bergerac Green Lane: Walking & Cycling Along the Dordogne River

Focus On The Bergerac Green Lane: Walking & Cycling Along the Dordogne River

Green Lane ? what is it?

The Green Lane also called the V91 is more than 30 kms of path along the river Dordogne for an easy walk or a long bike trail, from Mouleydier to Gardonne via Bergerac harbour.

Worked started in 2017 and is due to be finished in 2021.

My article about the Green Lane:

Some portions are already opened.
For more details, read my article about the different walks we did :

CAB website :
CAB FB page :

In Bergerac, around the harbour, the Green Lane has led to some traffic disruptions – closure of the Salvette Quay till next friday (28 /03/19).

Bergerac City Hall advised drivers instead to use the ring roads.

A temporary one-way system will be then implemented till the completion of the work (01/06/19) from Bellegarde to the new bridge.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the work in progress (Thanks to @natrphoto) !

Can’t wait to see the final result in June!

4 Family Friendly Sport Activities To Do In Beaumont

4 Family Friendly Sport Activities To Do In Beaumont

Are you a sports enthusiast looking for an active holiday?

Our village, Beaumont du Périgord, has everything for the whole family.

Here’s four family friendly sport activities you can do while enjoying your stay here!

1- Horse riding (Centre Equestre du Pays Beaumontois)

If you are a horse/poney lover, there is no reason why you should not be able to practise your favorite sport even during your holiday.

Right outside our village, 5 mins drive from our rental, you’ll find the “Centre Equestre du Pays Beaumontois”, a Horse and Pony Riding School run by Isabelle and Luc. With their 13 horses and  21 ponies, they offer different activities from 1 hour ride for beginners to day ride or even longer rides out in Pays Beaumontois for more experienced riders.

And on markets days (night market on monday from 6.30pm, tuesday and saturday morning), children will enjoy getting on the back of one of these gracious creatures to go around the village, up the secrets passages and even around  to their secret snack spot for some grass.

More details:

2- Cycling (Lalinde Canal)

Lalinde Canal, built between 1838 and 1843, was designed to improve navigation from the village of Mauzac to Tuilières. The arrival of railway saw the decline of river transport and the canal become obsolete but it is gradually regaining importance and is now especially prized as beautiful place for walking and fishing.

So come along and enjoy watching pike, trout, perch swimming or indeed sunbathing… and discover the beauty of this peaceful place away from the traffic, hustle and bustle free of charge.

More details:
Lalinde Canal, 15mins drive our village.
Distance between Tuilières and Lalinde: 9kms.

You can rent a bike from our reliable partner BikeHire Direct Dordogne and they ‘ll be happy to drop it off at our rental hassle free. 
Contact Cedric and Chloé for a quote:

3- Tennis (Tennis Club du Pays Beaumontois)

Enjoy your tennis?
What better idea than to combine your holiday with your passion for tennis!
You can play your favorite sport in the village at the outdoor tennis court for as little as 7€ per hour.

No reservation needed.

4- Walking around Beaumont

A few walks start from our village: