How Monpazier 11th Art and Craft Fair Could Get You on omg! Insider

How Monpazier 11th Art and Craft Fair Could Get You on omg! Insider

During 3 days, (from 31/5 to 2/6/2019), you’ll get the chance to meet face to face 50 talented local artists ready to show the best of their unique collections and to attend free workshops in the medieval village of Monpazier, 15-20 mins from our rental, L’Ancienne Ecole, in the heart of Beaumont du Périgord.

Created by le Pays du Grand Bergeracois in partnership with Monbazillac Wine Coop, in 2009, this event has been the must see for any craft addict!

Last year, the show was in the majestic Castle of Monbazillac.

Here’s some of the creations that caught my eyes:

Lea Pack Design (carpenter, cabinet maker):
Myriam Moszkowicz (Jewelry Designer):
Jean Pierre Tauzia (Plastic Sculptor): more infos and Facebook page
Xavier Batteux (Blacksmith): more infos
La Salamandre (Pottery in Monpazier): Website, Facebook and one of many articles I wrote.

Who and Where?

50 exhibitors: below, leaflet (2 pages) to help you to locate your favorite artist!


Practical info:

Address: Place des Cornières, 24540 MONPAZIER
Free entrance. 
Opening hours:
Friday 31 mai and Saturday 1st of June from 10h to 19h
Sunday 2 juin from 10h to 18h

Hard for me to resist so ll be there, are you coming along?

After the Fair, what to do?

After visiting the fair, take a break and visit our favorite and best coffee shop in Dordogne, L’Ecureuil

Looking for the best place to holiday and discover the Dordogne Valley?

Get in touch with us today:

Monpazier is located 15-20 mins drive from our rental in Beaumont.

Will There Be A Deal For You At Beaumont Easter Brocante?

Will There Be A Deal For You At Beaumont Easter Brocante?

Our village is getting ready for monday Easter Brocante (22sd of April from 8am to 6pm).

Art deco frames and painting, vintage glassware, local crockery, old mirrors & clocks, jars and pottery, cutlery, candle holders, jewelry, vintage chairs, old dolls and vintage toys… you name it: this flea market is always a fun time for bargain hunters, tourists or just passersby!

So, don’t miss it!

More infos:
Location: on the square and the surrounding streets (from 8am to 6pm).

Best Fun Way To Learn History With Kids: LascauxIV

Best Fun Way To Learn History With Kids: LascauxIV

Fancy learning about prehistoric art?

Come along with us and discover Lascaux IV, the International Centre for Cave Art in Montignac (1h20 drive from our holiday home in Beaumont du Perigord).

Lascaux caves, the original, were “found” by four Périgourdin young boys from Montignac in 1940. World Famous for its palaeolithic cave paintings, the site, victim of its success, was closed to the public in 1963 to ensure the art’s survival (humidity, germs, etc. brought in by visitors led to fungal infection threatened to destroy the art).

In 1983, near the original entrance, was built a facsimile with an exact copy of the 2 main halls of Lascaux : Lascaux II was born.

More recently, in decembre 2016, a bigger and better replica was open to the public.

It’s the complete replica of the original cave with its 2000 wall paintings left by Cro-Magnon men more than 18 000 years ago (you can see the hole used by Marcel Ravidat to enter the cave).

But more than a copy, Lascaux IV is a brilliant concept which not only faithfully reproduces the original cave paintings, but also offers extensive information about those primitive men, how they painted, hunted, and lived thanks to the use of interactive and digital screens. 

Lascaux IV

Lascaux was
“ found” by four Périgourdin young boys from Montignac in 1940

After the guided tour of the replica, wander around the “Lascaux Studio” and admire the reproduction of 8 main walls of the cave and learn more about cave art!

One of the eight main walls of Lascaux on show in the Studio

Create your own cave painting using the same tools and techniques used by our ancestors.

Fun with kids: Amelia, our daughter using one of the touch screens

Opening hours, entrance fees & practical details:
To Book in advance your ticket (advised):
Guided tour available in your own language
Each visitor gets an interactive digital tablet combined with a camera (you can take up to 20 photos and send them for free to any email address of your choice).

My previous article about Lascaux:

Looking for more Dordogne vacation ideas? Lots of things to see and do!
Read our local guide full packed with in the know tips !

And if you’re looking for the perfect base, to explore the Dordogne from, L’Ancienne Ecole, our holiday home in the heart of the historic village of Beaumont du Perigord is perfect!

For more infos, visit our website: L’Ancienne Ecole

6 Secret Historic Villages Around Beaumont To Visit Before the Crowds Do

6 Secret Historic Villages Around Beaumont To Visit Before the Crowds Do

20 mins drive max from our rental in Beaumont du Périgord, discover these 6 gorgeous fortified villages!

1- Saint Avit Senieur

5mins drive from Beaumont, this is the closest one

2- Molières

10mins drive

3- Eymet

15mins drive

Photo Credit: Molinenca:

4- Issigeac

15mins drive

Photo Credit: Molinenca:

5- Monpazier

15mins drive

Photo Credit:
Kahnie Perks (@kahnieperks)

Mario De Marinis (@mariodemarinis)

6- Cadouin

20mins drive

Photo Credit:
Stef @coincoin24:
Marion & Antoine (@mademoiselle_voyage:
Tanya (@tanyamrist:

6 Things Your Boss Expects You To Bring Back From Your Holiday In The Dordogne Valley

6 Things Your Boss Expects You To Bring Back From Your Holiday In The Dordogne Valley

Here’s our Top 6 things to buy in the Dordogne!

1- WINE:

We work in partnership with local vineyards for wine tasting tours by taxi.
But if you don’t wish to spend a couple of hours in a vineyard, you can buy directly from a shop/vineyard.
Our favorite one is : The Domaine de L’Ancienne Cure (shop & vineyard run by organic winegrower, Christian Roche), 15 mins drive from our rental and on the way to Bergerac airport. More details:

2- CHEESE: Trappe d’Echourgnac

This is one of my all time favorite cheese and we call it here, in our house, “Nuns Cheese”…. why???? Simply because it’s been produced by nuns since 1868  at the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bonne Espérance (our Lady of Good Hope), near Double in Dordogne.
La Trappe d’Echourgnac is made from pasteurized cow’s milk. The Abbey produces two versions of the cheese; a traditional recipe based on Port Salut and a newer version of the same cheese but washed with walnut liqueur (the exterior rind is a dark, rich brown).
It’s a mild cheese with a nutty flavour so it will appeals to a lot of people.

You can purchase them from the Abbey shop or in any good local supermarkets.
Abbaye Notre-Dame de Bonne Espérance
Directions : 1,5 km west from Échourgnac via the D8 going to Saint-Aulaye.
GPS : Longitude 45.127753° N – Latitude 0.213363° E.
Google Map :
Site :
For info: Vacuum-packed cheese for an easy transport : 18€/kg (photo: 0,840kg for 15,25€)

3- CEPES, TRUFFLES, FOIE GRAS…...: our one stop shop in Bergerac: La Truffe Perigourdine Address, opening hours…:

4- HONEY (directly from the beekeeper):

5 mins drive right outside Beaumont du Perigord, our village, Jean-Michel and Claire Borie, honey farmers, sell an outstanding honey!
My favorite one, is the creamy version, perfect for spreading on homemade bread!
Price: 9€/kg
Other honey available: chesnut, lime tree, all flowers, acacia…
Lon : 0.7578379999999925
Lat : 44.724718
Addresse : Videpot 24440 NOJALS ET CLOTTE
Phone : +33 5 53223730
Directions and map:

Perigord honey


If I had to pick only 2, it would be:

Eric Simonin, Glass blower in Brantome

Eric Simonin chose Brantome, the “Venise du Perigord”, to set up his workshop. A true artist, he creates amazing and unique glass art sculptures inspired from Mother Nature: jellyfish, anemone, mushrooms, stones… and turns them into lamps, plates, jewellery and even chrismas balls. They are all breathtaking and no wonder they were in the nationalTV a few times.

Website and online shop:

Alexandra and Jean-François Cesar from the pottery shop “La Salamandre” in Monpazier.

They make the most exquisite ceramic, stoneware and porcelain ware you’ve ever seen and at a reasanable price!
Website: h

Jellyfish blown glass: the making

The brocante is THE place where you can pick up a unique souvenir, some fantastic bargains and some real treasures to take home!

Flea market day in our village