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Best Fun Way To Learn History With Kids: LascauxIV

Fancy learning about prehistoric art?

Come along with us and discover Lascaux IV, the International Centre for Cave Art in Montignac (1h20 drive from our holiday home in Beaumont du Perigord).

Lascaux caves, the original, were “found” by four Périgourdin young boys from Montignac in 1940. World Famous for its palaeolithic cave paintings, the site, victim of its success, was closed to the public in 1963 to ensure the art’s survival (humidity, germs, etc. brought in by visitors led to fungal infection threatened to destroy the art).

In 1983, near the original entrance, was built a facsimile with an exact copy of the 2 main halls of Lascaux : Lascaux II was born.

More recently, in decembre 2016, a bigger and better replica was open to the public.

It’s the complete replica of the original cave with its 2000 wall paintings left by Cro-Magnon men more than 18 000 years ago (you can see the hole used by Marcel Ravidat to enter the cave).

But more than a copy, Lascaux IV is a brilliant concept which not only faithfully reproduces the original cave paintings, but also offers extensive information about those primitive men, how they painted, hunted, and lived thanks to the use of interactive and digital screens. 

Lascaux IV

Lascaux was
“ found” by four Périgourdin young boys from Montignac in 1940

After the guided tour of the replica, wander around the “Lascaux Studio” and admire the reproduction of 8 main walls of the cave and learn more about cave art!

One of the eight main walls of Lascaux on show in the Studio

Create your own cave painting using the same tools and techniques used by our ancestors.

Fun with kids: Amelia, our daughter using one of the touch screens

Opening hours, entrance fees & practical details:
To Book in advance your ticket (advised):
Guided tour available in your own language
Each visitor gets an interactive digital tablet combined with a camera (you can take up to 20 photos and send them for free to any email address of your choice).

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