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It's a well-known fact, swimming has a lot of health benefits: amongst them, I d mention: good to beat the stress, relieve pains for arthritis and arthroses sufferers while making joints stronger thanks to the low impact of the water, toning pain free your muscles making swimming a great workout for everybody.

And get this, according to the Fitness Magazine, it's a true fountain of youth since "It Turns Back the Clock" ( ).

But how about if you could add to this impressive list some beauty benefits to it? Easily done, if you swim in the salt water pool like the one we have at our rental home.

Swimming in a salt water pool is a unique experience. It'st easier on hair and skin than chlorinated water because it is not a chemically treated water. Salt water leaves skin and hair feeling soft and rejuvenated. And studies have shown that saltwater can help to heal a myriad of skin disorders ranging from eczema and psoriasis to acne.

So, do you want to try? Just get in touch with us!

And if you're looking for some brillant goggles for kids and adults, we're testing at the moment some great ones from Decathon: treated anti fog and anti-UV.
Amelia, 9 years old is in love with hers: (Decathlon Spirit Nabaiji, size S) and Paul, my husband is happy with his (Spirit Nabaiji, size L) :

L' Ancienne Ecole, our self catering holiday home, is located only 20 minutes drive from Bergerac airport. Salt water pool with steps for much safer way to enter and exit.

For more info about Our Self Catering Holiday Home Near Bergerac, please visit my Collection:

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