7 Tips to Encourage your Child to go for a Walk

Walking is an healthy family friendly activity. It's for all ages and in order to get your child to go for a walk, here's 7 tips that might inspire you:

Our holiday vacation rental located in the heart of a small french historic village (Beaumont du Perigord) has a lot of footpaths to suit all tastes. Enjoy the views, spend time with friends and family, and meet new people!

And if you need to purchase some outdoor gear, Decatlon shop (30mins drive from our rental) is the best!

For more info (directions, address, opening hours, online order…): http://bit.ly/2hmmlcJ

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7 tips to encourage your child to walk
“Are we nearly there yet?” is a question that we’ve all asked and that all parents inevitably hear at some point in their lives. Make walking more than just a way of getting from A to B with these seven tips. Make it a fun way of looking after your and your child’s health!

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